Show the Impact of Learning with Integrated Business Intelligence

Schoox’s LMS and integrated Business Impact module help companies accelerate business results by unlocking employee potential, boosting customer retention, and driving reseller revenue through learning.

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Tie Learning to Business Growth

Proving the impact of training programs can be a time-consuming challenge that often ends up low on IT’s priority list. With Schoox’s Business Impact module, L&D teams can easily correlate company key performance indicators (KPIs) with your training metrics without the need for a separate BI tool.

Go beyond basic compliance data and deliver tangible insights connected to overall business objectives to stakeholders and executives.


Easily Import KPI Data

Define and manage different types of KPIs like revenue summaries, customer satisfaction averages, and so much more. Importing your KPI data is easily done via Excel files or by integrating with any third-party system. KPI values can be added at the organizational level, course/curriculum level, employee level, or all of the above.

See Business Impact in Action 

Read how a restaurant client was able to increase profits and improve operations by using Business Impact to isolate the perfect combination of recipe, equipment, and training modalities.

"When we uploaded the sales content to Schoox’s Business Impact Module and chose the stores that had higher completion rates and better test scores, we found they had a higher rate of shake sales on a per store, per day basis. It was a correlation, so it worked—the people that did more training did better."
– Director of Training


Correlate Training to Business Results 

Measure the relation and dependency between training and business performance in different areas like sales, customer satisfaction, product expertise, and more.

Explore training performance thresholds, set target performance-level benchmarks, and investigate how long it takes to see the impact and expected results after training completion.

Go Beyond Standard LMS Analytics

Dig deep into what matters to your business and understand more than just who's completing training. With the Business Impact module, you can:

  • Neutralize your KPIs from usual trends—such as seasonality—before calculating correlations
  • Distinguish between ongoing training and seasonal training initiatives to explore the impact of each
  • Compare business performance results between two or more departments, regions, stores, and more
  • Track the depth of knowledge in any part of the organization, or measure it for a particular subject, course, or curriculum

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