Taking the Complicated out of Compliance:

7 Must-Haves to Make Mandatory Training Easy

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Compliance training is typically treated as a one-time check-the-box event. Yet, today, many compliance topics require real behavior change in order to create an equitable and safe work environment for everyone.

In this e-book, explore seven ways L&D can not only reduce the administrative burden and save time, but truly drive knowledge retention, encourage employee engagement, and foster a culture of safety and inclusion.

Download for free now to discover how you can make compliance training easier, faster, and more engaging while helping your organization remain compliant, improve safety, and reduce risk, so you can:

  • Make it easier to deliver the right courses based on your specific needs
  • Offer employees more convenient access to their training materials
  • Avoid manually reminding your employees to complete their compliance training
  • Proactively avoid noncompliance issues down the road
  • Prepare for audits with easy to build reports, including ones that capture the demonstration of job-specific skills
  • Keep employees informed and engaged in the course information

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