Does your LMS org structure help you thrive, or does it limit your options? 


The way your organizational structure is reflected within your LMS directly impacts the effectiveness of the learning tools and functionalities for your managers and learners. This setup is the foundation that enables better learning and more granular administrative control—from course enrollments, to permissions, approvals, and reporting.

Many learning management systems, however, are limited because they only accommodate traditional top-down, one-to-one management models. This is problematic for businesses with more complex organizational structures that entail unique relationships, connections, and collaboration between teams.

In this e-book, Expand Your Organization’s Learning Connections, Relationships, and Collaboration (read: Why you need a learning platform that maps to your organizational structures—no matter how complex) you'll find:

  • An introduction to organizational structures and why they matter in L&D
  • Analysis on why every business needs an LMS that accurately maps to its organizational structures
  • Real examples of how enterprise-level customers leverage the flexibility of Schoox to address and resolve their unique business challenges