Transform Employee Training Challenges into Opportunities

Schoox has everything you need to train your teams, measure results, and develop the skills people need to pursue opportunities. Provide intuitive user experiences that amplify learning and development for everyone.

First impressions matter.

When a new employee starts working, assigning onboarding training and managing the workflow can be a difficult thing to do.

Schoox helps you create a roadmap for employee success with an onboarding program that automates training assignments, streamlines communications, and develops and schedules assessments to create an ideal first-time training experience for employees.

  • Create onboarding profiles tied to roles, locations, and more.
  • Set the length of the program to however long you'd like.
  • Choose a time-based or activity-based plan to guide new hires at a pre-determined cadence or a more self-paced flow.

Engage learners to get results.

Spark genuine connections by giving learners the tools to participate in social learning that builds relationships, boosts company culture, and fosters a feeling of belonging.

  • Keep people connected with newsfeeds, groups, and announcements.
  • Make learning fun with gamification, leaderboards, and badges.
  • Integrate Schoox with existing tools to boost collaboration.

See Employee Training in Action 

Read how one customer uses Schoox to create a consistent manager training experience across its 1,200 locations in eight countries.

"With properties across the United States, asynchronous content combined with on-the-job training helps us ensure that managers in one location are receiving the same level of training as managers in another part of the country. Schoox gives us the best of both worlds."


Unite learning and development.

Connect learning to career development, encouraging people to upskill, pursue their goals, and support your organization. Align your employees and their development around your organization’s strategic priorities with goal setting and tracking that brings everything together.

  • Create role-based learning paths to improve performance in current jobs and future career plans.
  • Match people to career paths based on business needs and their skills.
  • Associate goals with specific content, connecting learning to performance.

See Schoox In Action

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