An LMS Built to Unlock Learner Potential and Accelerate Business Results

Whether training employees or your extended enterprise, tap into the power of a learning management system built to handle even the most complex training needs.

Transform Learning Into Business Growth

Schoox's SaaS-based LMS and course marketplace help companies accelerate business results by unlocking employee potential, boosting customer retention, and driving reseller revenue through learning.

Whether it’s in the office, at home, or on the frontline, your employees can develop their knowledge and skills anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


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What Sets Schoox Apart

Unlike traditional legacy vendors that take years to implement or require too many clicks to perform simple administrative tasks, Schoox can bring you fast time to value (TTV) with an intuitive, ease to use system for both admins and learners alike.

We have 1,800 customers and serve over 18 million users across 135 different countries. Schoox enables them to make their training goals a reality and show the value of learning and development. 

Comprehensive Learning Management Platform

See how Schoox differs from other vendors in offering not only learning management capabilities but talent development features as well, from goals and performance to career development functionality, we've got your L&D needs covered.

Learning Engagement


Onboard and train new employees, mitigate compliance risk, and continuously develop talent no matter where they are.

Content Curation


Store, curate, and share content. Create courses with drag-and-drop ease using the content you already have.

Social Collaboration


Cultivate a connected learning culture. Foster team and group communication, and encourage social learning between workers.

Goals & Performance


Establish a continuous performance experience that spots competency or skills gaps, measures learning impact, and more.

Career Development


Provide employees with a view into their skill strength with personalized learning paths that they can use to acquire new skills.

Business Impact


Go beyond basic reporting. Easily correlate organizational KPIs to training metrics without the need for a separate BI tool.

Delivering Exceptional Learning Experiences to Our Customers

Schoox makes you feel like you are their only customer. They have been available by phone and email 24/7; no more ticketing system. The day-to-day interaction and turnaround time of customer support has been above our expectation.
Indira Bachan, Asst. Director of Worldwide Training
Schoox allows us to report on thousands of learning insights and compliance metrics for our call center staff and travel agents. The reports help us spot gaps in training and learning, and increase our percentage of enrollments and graduates.

Alex Frady, Manager of Learning & Development